We've spent a lifetime creating and using our own formulas and it has worked extremely well for our customers. Using Aerolon products, we're able to provide a high-quality finish that's easier to maintain for the life of your vehicle.

What is Aerolon?

Aerolon Automotive Appearance Coatings has developed a new anti-stick "green" coating technology that reduces water consumption and extends the life of exterior surfaces.  

Paint oxidizes, metal rusts, and plastics fade making your automobile vulnerable to the elements. While there is no known way to stop the laws of physics, Aerolon has developed an innovative line of eco-friendly automotive appearance products that defy the laws of atrophy. By expounding on aerospace technology used in the airline industry, Aerolon’s new Do-it-Yourself, single application “shine” products impede physical and chemical breakdowns from taking place, and utilize green chemical coating technology to absorb and neutralize the acidic effects of those destructive processes on the surface of your automobile, boat, or aircraft. The outcome is a less frequent need to wash your car resulting in better aerodynamics; faster, easier, 1-step DIY applications; a longer-lasting shine; and more durable coating protection.

Aerolon Products